Health + Wellness Initial 1:1 Consult - 50min

Health + Wellness Initial 1:1 Consult - 50min

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Guided customized steps to your healthiest you! 

   I’m so excited you’re looking to build a healthier, non-toxic life for yourself! 

As a culture we have gotten so used to feeling run down, overwhelmed and sick, with our bodies in constant discomfort or pain, we don’t even remember what “healthy” feels like. By taking this time to invest in yourself, you’ll gain customized steps for transitioning your life and you too can get back to waking up each day feeling rested, energized, motivated and sure of how to create a healthier life you love living! This is exactly why I’ve created my 1:1 consults.

This 1:1 consult is designed for people who are ready to implement emotional and physical lifestyle changes to gain an improvement in their health. It’s ideal for those who are willing to unlearn what they thought they knew surrounding health + wellness so they can relearn what steps they should actually be taking to get results. 

Can you imagine knowing everything in your home is safe! Safe to touch and safe to breathe in. Safe for your kids and pets - while also still being effective. And picture how much calmer you’d feel each day, if you knew steps to help support your body + immune system. Being able to have a customized list of guided steps based on your priorities puts you back in control, leaving you more relaxed and healthy and able to ditch the feelings of confusion.


  • How many times have you started a “healthier eating plan” only to regress to bad habits within a few weeks, feeling like you couldn’t stick with it because of lack of willpower? (I’ll let you in on a secret, it has nothing to do with willpower!)

  • Have you tried to purchase “better” household products, only to find out they weren’t as natural and non-toxic as they appeared?

  • Or have you felt sheer overwhelm at trying to switch over all the aspects of your life at once? (too many choices, too many brands, it’s going to cost so much $$$ to swap it all out?!)

  • Maybe you’ve even tried to tell your doctor you don’t feel well and suspect a deeper issue but all your blood work has come back “normal”

No worries…this time, I’ll help you do it differently! 

The goal with your 1:1 consult is to determine what the best starting place for you is and customize your next steps. With provided trusted resources, to-do lists, references and more all the “guess work” and worry will be eliminated. Knowing there’s a change that needs to be made but not knowing how to make it happen can be debilitating. Having someone to mentor you through these changes makes the process enjoyable, comforting, reviving and can fill you with hope and excitement for the new life you’re creating!

Everyone is also at a different spot in their journey with specific priorities, goals and desired outcomes. You may just want help on what all products to swap out. Be looking for trusted resources to learn about alternative + holistic medicine options. Want guidance on how to transition to healthier eating. Or be struggling with chronic health issues and need help knowing what alternative blood work to ask for + how to find the best doctor for your condition! That’s what’s so beneficial about your 1:1 consult - we can customize your guided next steps to exactly what you’re looking for. And after you’ll receive an email with the information we discuss (trusted resources, referrals, which books to read, links etc).

You might be asking yourself, “does living this way really make a difference?”. Studies have proven that our generation is the most “toxic” to date. Even umbilical cord blood is being found full of toxic chemicals plus autoimmune disorders, hormone imbalances, weight issues and infertility conditions are all on the rise at staggering numbers (and even younger ages). As mentioned earlier, many of your daily physical and emotional annoyances may be signaling a bigger underlying issue - and you’ve forgotten what it’s like to actually feel healthy. Now, I’ve heard the worry, “nothing’s worked before - why would this?”. It’s a question I asked myself as I switched over to this lifestyle and functional medicine. But this is different because it’s customized and looks to the root cause vs. trying to treat the symptom. While I fully believe there is a time and place for allopathic medicine, I believe Dr. Mark Hyman said it best, “Conventional medicine is the medicine of WHAT - what disease, what pill. Functional medicine is the medicine of WHY - why is this symptom occurring now and in this way.. what’s at the root.”. I’ve also yet to speak with another person who decided to invest in their health this way who was disappointed. While change can be uncomfortable, scary and challenging at first, once you see what functioning each day while feeling your best is like, it’s easy to value + prioritize time and money for your health!

What does this mean for the future you, not only you but your family and future generations? You’re literally changing how your DNA expresses. Epigenetic’s are showing us how our environment (physical AND emotional) literally turns our genes ON or OFF. You see, it’s not so much what genes you’re “born with” but instead how your lifestyle turns them ON or OFF. So by learning about your genes you can make the correct lifestyle adjustments to stay healthier (and yes, I have a great book recommendation that can teach you how to do this)! If you don’t feel good, it’s really hard to do anything else well. Investing now in your health + lifestyle can bring so many expected benefits while helping you build and live your best life!

I also wanted to share with you that when I started transitioning to eating top 8 allergen free, using all non-toxic home and personal products, reaching for alternative medicine, consulting with functional medicine doctors PLUS launched my luxury non-toxic candle company... I had recently quit my job, had 2 kids, we were all chronically ill and basically broke. On paper, it was the worst possible timing to completely overhaul my family’s lifestyle. But to be frank… our lifestyle was causing half our problems. Through years of trial and error I found ways to make a healthier, non-toxic lifestyle more doable - and can save you time + money so your journey goes a lot smoother than mine did!

When we are tired, stressed, overwhelmed, not functioning properly at a cellular level and in a defeated mindset doing weeks of research and implementing all new habits (eating, products, supplements etc) seems an impossible feat. And one of the things our culture severely lacks is mentors. As women (spouses, moms, caregivers) we were never meant to function this way and be this burnt out. Knowledge on healing and nurturing our bodies used to be taught to us by multiple generations as we grew, but we’ve lost touch with that practice. Working with someone who’s been there can make all the difference.

If you’re ready to take these guided next steps after this consult is purchased you’ll receive an email with how to get scheduled! 

Our health is the foundation everything else in our lives rests on and I can’t wait to help make this journey a smooth and exciting transition for you!