Night Light - Original

Night Light - Original

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This Himalayan salt pillar night light with a white base matches any home decor + provides a soft warm glow while filling the room with beneficial negative ions! 

These quickly became a favorite in our home due to the type of light they emit. Regular lights in our home and from our electronics are processed by our eyes the same way that sunlight is - which means it blocks the release of melatonin. However, the light from fire and these Himalayan salt pillars are processed differently and DO NOT interfere with the body's melatonin production and release at night! 

Ideal for bedrooms, bathrooms, hallways and kitchens for a beneficial warm glow after bedtime! 


plug in base, Himalayan salt pillar top and 1 glass bulb


Himalayan salt pillar does become warm during use

Uses a glass bulb - use with caution around young children and pets

Himalayan salt pillar is real salt - if used in plugs closer to the ground pets may try to lick/eat it - use with caution around pets