Massage Sphere Himalayan Salt Lamp

Massage Sphere Himalayan Salt Lamp

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Massage Sphere Himalayan Salt Lamps bring you the ability to relieve sore muscles by massaging them with the heated Himalayan Salt spheres! These are incredibly soothing to muscles + good for your skin and overall body. Himalayan salt is characteristically pink and contains 84 naturally occurring minerals and elements, which are absorbed into the skin during massage. It has long been used for health and healing in Eastern traditions. It may improve circulation and is lightly exfoliating + highly relaxing!

Himalayan Salt Lamps bring warmth and ambiance to any space + all the benefits of heated Himalayan Salt!

Himalayan Salt believed benefits:

- Balances electromagnetic radiation by emitting negative ions, which cancel out    the positive ions our electronics emit, which are linked with harmful side effects

- Cleanses, deodorizes and purifies the air

- Improves sleep and increases energy levels

- reduces stress and improves mood

- reduces allergy and asthma symptoms