Our Story

Salt + Honey + Sage was literally a light created through darkness. From 2017 to 2019 our family had become very sick and we found that our home had toxic mold.  If you'd like a beginner's guide to mold and to learn more about our journey please check out our blog post! One of the many side effects for me was that I became hyper sensitive to chemicals and fragrances. We spent a few years building a new lifestyle by removing toxic home products, unhealthy foods and behaviors, then replacing them with healthier alternatives.
Having always loved the warmth and ambience candles put off, I was drawn to create a holistic alternative. Most candles, due to the chemicals in paraffin wax, wicks and the fragrances, are extremely toxic. I envisioned one that would actually be beneficial to my environment and my body when burned. After a lot of research and testing, Salt + Honey + Sage was born! All of our collections are 100% non-toxic, good for your body and your home. Also, don't forget to check out our blog for all things healthy living!
Everything you find at Salt + Honey + Sage was hand crafted to nurture your mind, body and spirit! My intention is that each collection will bring a sense of warmth, peace and happiness into your space. In our busy world we have to remember it's hard to pour from an empty cup, so I hope these gems inspire and motivate you to relax, unwind and take a few minutes to nurture yourself!
Fill Your Cup Sagely,