Our Story

Hello + Welcome!
I'm so grateful you've found your way to Salt + Honey + Sage. I'm Susan Kobik, owner and founder. I grew up in Butler, Pa surrounded by lots of family. After high school I attended the University of Pittsburgh Dental Hygiene Program, to become a registered dental hygienist and for my Bachelor of Science, specializing in marketing + education. While working in the dental field after graduation, I met my husband and we had two children. Life then threw us a curveball and completely changed the course of my career!
This company was literally a light created through darkness. From 2017 to 2019 our family had become very sick and we found out our home had hidden water damage + toxic mold.  If you'd like a beginner's guide to mold and to learn more about our journey please check out our blog post, which has tons of click-able resources for you!
One of the many side effects of toxic mold exposure for me was that I became hyper sensitive to chemicals/fragrances and many foods. We spent a few years building a new lifestyle by removing toxic home products, unhealthy foods and behaviors, then replacing them with healthier alternatives.
When I initially founded Salt + Honey + Sage, LLC it was an organic candle company. Since our organic beeswax candles were popular with customers who also struggled with sensitivities and chronic health issues, I ended up connecting with many of them and sharing a lot of our resources around nontoxic living and alternative medicine that we had found helpful.
As these chats became more focused, I saw a clear need for health + wellness coaching. Patients of allopathic and functional medicine alike still felt a missing link in their treatment as they wanted more time to ask questions and to have better support/guidance on implementing protocols + lifestyle changes. So I started taking courses on hormone health, stealth infections, autoimmune disorders, mindset and functional nutrition. I also enrolled in a board certified health coaching program, because I wanted to make sure I was providing effective behavioral change techniques - to increase the success of the clients I worked with, which finishes this fall. 
While I would have never thought my life would look like this ten years ago, I'm deeply grateful for God's change in plans! I've learned so much and have found deep fulfillment in helping others to feel better on their health + wellness journey. 
Health + Wellness Coaches partner WITH their clients, seeking to enhance their well-being through self-directed, lasting changes aligned with their values. They display an unconditional positive regard for their clients and a belief in their capacity for change, honoring the fact that each client is an EXPERT on their own life, while ensuring all interactions are respectful and non-judgemental. 
They are in the business of transformation and behavior change, because encouraging clients to self-awareness and self-observation results in longer lasting change! Coaches seek to elicit the client's own inherent wisdom about THEIR vision, values and motivations for change, and what changes they want to make - showing up as an equal partner, with curiosity, rather than as someone who "has all the answers" and just "tells you what to do". 
If this sounds like something you're interested in I'd love to work with you! You can get started with an initial 1:1 health + wellness consult here
You can also check out our blog here for more tips and tricks on healthier living!