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Why Beautycounter?! How you can switch to nontoxic skincare + makeup with me!

Why Beautycounter?! *POST CONTAINS AFFILIATE LINKS The long and short of it? I'm doing my best to transition everything in my family's life to nontoxic - while staying on a budget! So I need products and collections that work without breaking the bank! I also was searching for a company that I could align with because of their mission + values. Beautycounter checked all the boxes!  Why the need for Nontoxic? If you haven't read our story yet head HERE to learn about our journey (chronic illness + healing) with toxic mold! Because of that my body has become incredibly sensitive and intolerant to chemicals and fragrances. I went a few years being unable to use most skincare + make...

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Instant Pot Chicken Soup (gluten & dairy free)

This instant pot chicken soup is perfect when it's cold out or someone's starting to feel sick! It's jam packed with healing nutrients, proteins and veggies while being gluten and dairy free. Plus it's toddler approved along with being quick and easy to make!

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Toxic Mold - A Beginner's Guide + Our Journey

Hidden toxic mold caused our families lives to be put on hold for over a year! It left us with constant illnesses and the financial burdens of multiple house repairs. Check out this blog post to learn the warning signs of mold in your home and body. It's bursting with resources to help you navigate mold issues if they are present in your life!

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